01. Kelp crabs have excellent [camouflage]; they are the exact same color as the seaweed they live on.
02. Some insects have the perfect [camouflage]; they have the form of a leaf or branch.
03. The soldiers [camouflaged] their equipment with branches and leaves.
04. The men couldn't be seen from the air because they were so well [camouflaged].
05. The young man who attacked a local fast food restaurant was dressed in [camouflage] gear, and carrying a rifle.
06. There is a kind of lizard which is able to [camouflage] itself in different surroundings by changing its color.
07. The military base is well [camouflaged] to keep it from being seen from above.
08. The guerrillas were difficult to see in the jungle because they were wearing [camouflage] clothing.
09. Crocodiles capture their prey by sitting [camouflaged] and motionless in the water waiting for prey to come to them.
10. Frogs have excellent [camouflage], using both color and texture to blend with their surroundings.
11. One of the factors which helps many animals of prey to be successful is the ability to [camouflage] themselves during the hunt.
12. General David Shoup once stated, "Remember, God provides the best [camouflage] several hours out of every 24."
13. The pale gray-brown fur of the puma of Paraguay [camouflages] the big cat in a variety of settings.
14. Leopard [camouflage] makes them extremely difficult to see on the ground.

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